Sunday, December 6, 2009

Garam Masala: A review

Yesterday was my best friend's last day of a two-week visit. We wanted to take her somewhere nice for her last dinner here in Singapore. We had planned a trip to Lau Pasat, but a heavy rain forced us to change our plans at the last minute. Since we were already headed into the City, we thought we'd check out a stretch of restaurants at Boat Quay. We've walked by them several times and admired the beautiful view of the city lights reflected on the peaceful water of the Singapore River. We finally settled on a nice looking Indian restaurant toward the end of the strip.

Unfortunately, the river view was the ONLY thing Garam Masala had going for it. We ordered Butter Chicken and Naan, our favorite Northern Indian dish. What we got were a few chunks of chicken smothered in what seemed to be a cross between tomato soup and ketchup and a stack of dry, thin bread discs. And, all for about 4 times as much as we pay at the Indian restaurant down the road from our house.

The madness didn't end there. . . we also ordered Chicken Fried Rice for the kids and a bowl of Hot and Sour Soup (they had a Chinese menu as well as an Indian). For $18, we got a small plate of absolutely flavorless fried rice swimming in oil. The peas were hard little pellets and the chicken was so fatty I couldn't find any decent pieces to give the kids. The soup was equally horrible. . . so much so that we sent it back and refused to pay for it.

If you're ever in Singapore, I'd encourage you to enjoy a nice evening overlooking the City skyline and sparkling river at Boat Quay. Just don't plan on eating!