Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Monkey Dilemma

Our contact in Singapore emailed me this morning and said that he may have located a nice apartment for us, but that there was one drawback. . . it is near the nature reserve and some of the tenants complain about. . . MONKEYS.

I've complained about stray cats before, but so far I haven't had many run-ins with stray monkeys! I guess that might be changing.

Why we are choosing to live abroad

Yvette gets it.

"Living abroad is a great experience that really does enhance your life in ways that living in America for your entire life would not. Not to mention all of the wonderful memories you will have... even the not-so-wonderful ones will provide great stories in the future."

Welcome to Everyday Singapore

This blog is our attempt to capture what life is like for an American family living in Singapore. We are planning to move to Singapore in about 2 months and have been trying to find information about life in Singapore. So far, we have found very little. . . .at least, very little of the kind of information we are looking for. We have found information about weather conditions and the best restaurants, but what I want to know is whether or not I will be able to buy Cheerios and Ziplock Bags.

Both my husband and I have lived abroad before, I in England and he in Israel. What we realized is that it is the everyday stuff that really matters. Sure, the big stuff is important, too, but in order to really get a feel for a country, you've got to observe the insignificant. So. . . welcome to the world of insignificant, everyday Singapore. We hope you find it helpful and informative.