Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Monkey Dilemma

Our contact in Singapore emailed me this morning and said that he may have located a nice apartment for us, but that there was one drawback. . . it is near the nature reserve and some of the tenants complain about. . . MONKEYS.

I've complained about stray cats before, but so far I haven't had many run-ins with stray monkeys! I guess that might be changing.


tenthstreetplace said...

Ha-Ha-Ha! Too funny! Just be sure that you don't leave any bananas out!

Christianne said...

That is so funny. What are you going to do?? ;)

Caleb's Gram said...

Would this be an appropriate place to tell the world that before you were conceived, Uncle Dave used to say to me, "Well, I'll be a monkey's soon as you have a baby!"...?? (for those of you born AFTER 1970, "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle" was a popular saying back then)

Then, while I was pregnant with you, he somehow found a magazine PHOTO of a baby monkey in a stroller with a bonnet. He gave it to me and told me he had an EARLY picture of you!

When you were first born, your "unofficial" nickname was "Monkey B". I made SURE that one didn't stick!

Not really related to your Singapore entry, but it triggered a memory. :P

Caleb's Gram said...

P.S. "Bumkie" doesn't sound too bad now, does it? ;-)

And it probably won't stay around long. These names have a way of evolving.

Anonymous said...

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Fletch said...

Wow! Monkeys? Really?
FYI...Rebecca...Monkeys would definitely not be a "negative" aspect for me (well, except for the poop throwing part...).

I've never actually lived anywhere near monkeys, but I think that would actually cause me to want to rent an apartment.

My life out in Hughson seems so boring all of a sudden...all we have are almond trees and an occasional would be so much cooler with monkeys!