Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday, Caleb and I ventured out in the pouring rain to meet a friend at Suntec City Mall for lunch.

*side note: Getting out and about in Singapore is a whole different ball game. Gone are the days when I could just hop in the car parked in our garage and go. Never again will I complain about all the time it takes to buckle in a carseat! Our trip included a 1/2 mile walk to the bus stop where we waited 20 minutes to catch a bus, a 10-minute bus ride, another 1/2 mile walk to the MRT station (Singapore's equivalent to an above ground Subway system), a quick trip on the North-South Line and then a transfer to the East-West Line for a 30 minute train ride. Whew!! . . . an hour and a half, and 10-miles later, we arrived!

Kazumi (my Japanese friend who was born in Japan, raised in Hawaii and married a Singaporean) and I agreed that we were in the mood for a Subway sandwich. We walked from the MRT station to Suntec and proceeded to get lost looking for Subway. We were dead-set on finding it though, so after about 40 minutes of wandering aimlessly, we finally located it nestled next to the carpark (a nod to Singapore's ties to Britain) in the basement level. Our search was well worth the effort! When we got up to order, we found out they were offering a promotion. . . buy a 6-in sub sandwich and get a med drink and two cookies for free. The offer is good until September 4th, so I plan to go back at least twice between now and then! =)

After lunch, we got down to business and headed to Carrefour (a French grocery/super store). Normally, I have to walk a mile to the grocery store, carrying the stroller (with my 20 lb son in it) down 4 flights of stairs carved into the side of a hill, and then up and down two more flights of stairs to cross the pedestrian overpass. Getting there isn't the problem . . . it is getting home with all my groceries! When I heard that Carrefour delivers (for free!) any non-perishable items purchased at the store, I was ecstatic. Kazumi and Caleb were troopers. Kazumi pushed the overloaded cart and entertained Caleb whilst I perused the aisles buying everything from laundry detergent to olive oil to root beer. All in all, I came out with a very well-stocked pantry and enough cleaning supplies to take care of this place for the next few months. I dropped my purchases off to the delivery center, scheduled a delivery for today, and headed off to the MRT happy as a lark.

Caleb and the Carrefour Loot.


Christianne said...

Man, that is intense. I can't believe what you're having to do EVERY DAY to get something as easy as groceries! Your story about normally walking a mile with a 20-lb boy in tow, down four flights of stairs, and then back with a stroller full of very heavy groceries about made me die. Man!

SOOOOO glad you found this great alternative delivery service!

You must be getting in great shape with all that walking, huh? Kinda like when you moved to Oxford for spring semester and came home one super-thin girl!

Caleb's Gram said...

This story sure gave me a new appreciation for my easy life in the States.

Well, at least in my suburban town. I suppose some Big Cities could have the same challenges...

I'm sure after awhile you will discover more and more ways to simplify your "everyday Singapore" life.

By the way, that picture of Caleb makes me want to slurp him up! He is so adorable, and i don't think it's just my perception as his Gram!

gee gee said...

man, 'm tired just reading your often do you have to go to the store???? once a year???

Anonymous said...

hey some ideas for lazy shopping!