Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thai Food Poisoning

Thai food is good. Thai food poisoning, on the other hand, is not. Josh and Caleb found this out first-hand on our trip to Phuket, Thailand this past weekend. We still aren't sure exactly what it was that they ate that caused them 24-hours of misery, but we're thinking it was the watermelon slices they ate on our day-tour of the Phi Phi Islands (Yvette wrote an interesting post about these islands. . . check it out here). Josh got hit really hard, but thankfully, Caleb didn't suffer quite as much. He did, however, administer the "True Test of Motherhood" on me and I am proud to say I passed =)

As a result of the 24-hours of misery and grossness, I spent all day yesterday doing laundry. Caleb is still extra-clingy right now (another side-effect of being ill) so posting anything that takes longer than 5-minutes to write is out. However, Yvette has been doing a great job journaling about her visit here so if you want to see what we've been up to, hop on over to her blog.


Caleb's Gram said...

Since you can eat watermelon in almost any country on earth, Thai food's reputation is not really tarnished here!

Until then, how was the weekend?

gee gee said...

other than THAT, how was your week-end??? was that the same watermelon they feed the monkeys? hope you all are feeling better by now...would not like to have Caleb not feeling well when he comes home with "Covert" !!!!!

flin said...

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