Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Pit-Stop in the Tokyo Airport

I've always heard the Japanese were the masters of high-tech gadgetry and utilitarian functionality. Our recent layover in the Tokyo (Narita) Airport confirmed this rumor.

In my opinion, nothing reveals a country better than its bathrooms =)

My favorite features: flushing sounds and "powerful deodorizer"

(the instruction manual for the toilet)

The perfect invention! If only every bathroom had a handy place to "store" one's kid while one is utilizing the commode.


Jessica said...

I love the illustrations! Wow. Not sure if I'd have the courage to actually try it, though. =) I've wished, many times, for a baby holder in the Walmart bathroom as I am trying to herd Nathaniel and juggle Abby while struggling to fasten my fly with one hand. Leave it to the Japanese.

tenthstreetplace said...

hahaha! Caleb doesn't look very happy to be sitting there. He would probably prefer to be up and about pressing all of those neat buttons!

geegee said...

this is too funny....but a great idea!!!

3 peas-in-a-pod said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!