Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Singapore Sky

Coming from Central California, where big puffy clouds are a rarity, Josh and I have been particularly enamored with the stunning, dramatic sky here in Singapore. Although the skyline is littered with high-rise buildings, every now and then, you can find a spot with an unadulterated view.

Psalm 19:1-3
The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they display knowledge.

There is no speech or language
where their voice is not heard.

Pic1: Taken from bus stop on Upper Bukit Timah Road.
Pic 2: Taken at bus stop near Summerset MRT station.
Neither photo is altered any way, except to crop out a few trees at the bottom.


Christianne said...


S & C & C's Gram said...

Marvelous! When we were in Marin the other day, we saw the most gorgeous pink/orange/lavender sunset. It was as though the sky was water-painted by a Master Artist. It caused me to pause and give thanks to Him.

Jessica said...

wow! those pics are amazing!

kirsten said...

seriously gorgeous shots!!