Thursday, November 6, 2008

Health Care in Singapore--Part V

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This will (most likely) be my last installment in the Health Care series. Of course, there is more to say and I've only scratched the surface, both of my own experiences and of the entire topic, but yesterday was my "last" appointment in this prenatal/labor&delivery/postpartum saga so I think it is a good time to end this series.

I don't know if this last post is a informative piece. . . I think it would be more apropos to call it a tribute to a very good doctor.

A Doctor Who Remembers My Name

Searching for health care in a new country is kind of scary. There are so many questions and everything is so unfamiliar. And, it's not like you're looking to get your car serviced. You're dealing with the most precious possessions you have--your life and health, and the life and health of those you love. When you do find a skilled doctor who seems to genuinely care, it's a huge blessing.

Dr. Lee
(my apologies to Annabelle who was awoken from a nap for this snapshot)

I don't know how Dr. Lee does it, but she knows who I am. She knows my name, my husband's name, my kids' names. She remembers and asks about things I've mentioned at previous appointments. Things like how my sister-in-law enjoyed her visit and how Josh's teaching is going. And the most impressive. . . she remembered that I ran into her in passing two months ago.

I would expect to remember her details. . . after all, I only have one doctor. But, she has hundreds of patients; that fact that she knows me is much more impressive. So, in addition to her medical expertise, I was greatly impressed with her people skills. . . skills that made me feel like a real person and not a number in a chart.

She's a great doctor and if you're planning to have a baby here in Singapore, I'd highly recommend her!


not2brightGRAM said...

That's amazing!

She looks like a very sweet lady.

tenthstreetplace said...

Wow! All of the great Singaporean health care puts pressure on Dr. Fletch when you go see him!

Pam said...

might need her contact's great you had such a great experience!

Rebecca said...

Pam, here you go:

Dr. Lee I Wuen
Raffles Women's Centre

Rebecca said...

ooops. . . posted before I finished.

12th floor of Raffles Hospital.