Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why School Uniforms Aren't ALWAYS a Good Idea

The following conversation occurred just a few mornings ago. All I can say is, only in Singapore!

(Approaching the bus stop)
Josh: I wonder why those two little girls have their heads shaved.
Rebecca: Which two?
Josh: The two little girls sitting there. . . the ones in the pink school uniform.
Rebecca: Hmmm, maybe they had head lice or something.
Josh: Yeah, probably.
(Pause in conversation as we arrive at the bus stop.) Josh: Uh. . .wait a sec. Are those girls or boys?
Rebecca: I dont' know! I was just thinking the same thing. They sure look like boys, but the pink gingham is throwing me off.
Josh: They've gotta be girls. No one would let a boy wear that.
Rebecca: Yeah, I've seen some nasty school uniforms, like that Muslim school down the street with the pale purple and teal. But pink gingham with a big ruffled collar? It's gotta be a girl's kindergarten.
Josh: Yeah. It's gotta be.
Rebecca: I'm sure they just had lice or something.
Josh: Yeah, head lice or cancer or something.
Josh: I don't know. They really look like boys.
Rebecca: Yeah, they do, but it's hard to tell with their heads shaved. They'd probably look like girls if they had hair.
(The bus approaches. The two kindergarten students and their mother line up to board the bus. We line up behind them.)
Mother: C'mon boys. Get on the bus.


S & C & C's Gram said...

That was hilarious!

It reminds me of when I saw a young mother in a store with a little baby in a jeans outfit; baseball cap and little nike tennis shoes.

I said, "Aww-www, he's so cute! How old is he?"

She glared at me, and said, "Why don't you ask before you say 'he'? This is a girl!"

Well, excu-u-u-use me! :-p

Jessica said...

After: "Mother: C'mon boys. Get on the bus" was it followed by laughter (after the "boys" were gone of course!)