Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Morning Walk

Two days ago, Caleb and I were walking home from the grocery store. The wind was blowing (a storm was looming) and each time a gust of wind passed, leaves fluttered to the ground around us. During one such gust, I heard a large leaf hit the stroller . . . probably a leaf attached to a twig, I thought. I had my eye on the bus stop ahead, hurrying toward the shelter in hopes to get there before the rain started.

All of a sudden, I had this "feeling". . . you know, the feeling you get when you just KNOW someone (or something in this case) is staring at you. I glanced down toward the stroller and saw a pair of beady eyes staring straight at me. YIKES!!! There, about 3-inches away from my hands was a bright green, 18-inch lizard perched atop the stroller, his tail hanging down into the stroller, just missing Caleb's head! Now for the record, I'm not afraid of lizards, but there is something unnerving about having one drop from the trees above you and join you for your morning walk unexpectedly.

The lizard seemed quite content to sit on the stroller, so after I composed myself, I gently pulled Caleb out so that he could get a look at our little friend. We were able to get quite a good look at him. He had a very long tail, a lime green body, and a spikey, bluish ridge on his head. He was pretty cool looking, once the initial shock wore off.

After about a minute, he grew bored with us and leaped into some nearby bushes and disappeared. We said our goodbyes and continued on with our walk, as if nothing had happened.

Image from

I didn't have my camera (after all, I was only going to the grocery store) but I was able to find a site that shows all the lizard species of Southeast Asia. The Green Crested Lizard description fit our pal perfectly. I think were lucky to catch a glimpse of one, since they have nearly gone extinct on the island thanks to the introduction of another species called the Changeable Lizard. Anyway, here is the link . . . check it out. There are several good pictures.


S & C & C's Gram said...

Oh, wow!

Christianne said...

that story is so funny! i love your sense of humor. :)

kirsten said...

creepy!! i agree ... those beady little eyes can be quite unnerving!!

gee gee said...

my first though was it was a monkey!!!now that would be something to jump for.....I think I would have fallen over no matter what it was Caleb liked it...hope he will remember some of all the things he is seening....