Tuesday, May 6, 2008


One of the wonderful things about living in Southeast Asia is the fact that we can travel to some really cool places. This last weekend, we took a short trip to India. I'll probably post more about my thoughts on that amazing country, but for now, I hope you enjoy the video.


Christianne said...

your little family is so stinkin' cute.

okay, so i think you take the cake on the coolest 30th birthday ever. i mean, how many people, when asked what they did for their 30th birthday, get to say, 'dude. i went to india.'

haititrip said...


S & C & C's Gram said...

After talking with you about this trip earlier this evening, I agree with Christianne. That is one cool 30th Birthday Adventure.

I think I got to eat at Denny's for mine. ;-(

granati said...

hiya -

i found you by googling "wisteria" and came across your "white wisteria" post on your other blog which in turn, brought me here.


how do you like singapore?

i absolutely love it. my in-laws lived in india for a stint and my wife and i traveled through to meet them in india and had a stop over in singapore (i had been before, but my wife had not). i would love to move my family there, but alas, i have no idea what i would do there...

gee gee said...

I'm glad you got to go to India, but for myself, I would like to see more of the good old USA...we have such beautiful places here to visit....like down town Denair!!!!ha ha.......miss you!!!!

kirsten said...

i agree with christianne. your family is so stinkin' cute!!

seriously, how many people get to do what you do? and caleb is going to be the best traveled little boy before he even reaches his 2nd birthday!!

i loved seeing india and your family in it, & can imagine why caleb was sacking out at the end there!!

thanks for sharing this amazing time for your family.